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Faculty & Staff


Are you wondering how you can help encourage students to participate in education abroad?

Surveys have shown that faculty encouragement of education abroad is one of the strongest motivators.  When you discuss with students your perspective on the academic and personal growth they can gain and the international dimensions of your discipline which they can explore, you are helping them make a thoughtful decision about education abroad.  

Please direct them to our education abroad homepage. The first step in getting started is to come to our office in Old Champlain 240 for walk in advising. They can also always contact or call 607-777-2336 to ask questions or make an appointment with an education abroad adviser.

Would you like some materials about education abroad to keep in your office area?

Simply email to let us know and we will be very happy to get some right to you!

Are you interested in directing an education abroad program?

Thank you for your interest! Please see the materials linked below for information on how you can get started pursuing this. You will also need to discuss your ideas as early as possible with IEGI (

Guidelines for Faculty with Interests in Education Abroad Programs

Timeline for proposing and implementing new education abroad programs.pdf