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Academics & Earning Credit Abroad

Binghamton University education abroad programs through the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives (IEGI) provide students the opportunity to earn credit towards their degree while exposing them to a wide variety of perspectives in an international setting. Students of all majors are eligible to study abroad and it is important to consider your academics as you prepare to study abroad. To ensure that your selected education abroad program aligns with your academic goals and degree planning, you should work closely (and early on) with your academic advisor and/or department. Binghamton University students must obtain approval from their school's academic advising office for all courses referencing food or alcohol topics.
Search Programs by Major or College Education Abroad Course Equivalencies

Binghamton University Programs
Binghamton University education abroad programs provide Binghamton University credit. The program name and each course, along with the number of credit hours and the grades earned are listed on your Binghamton University transcript. The grades are averaged into your cumulative GPA. General credit toward your undergraduate Binghamton University degree is usually guaranteed for Binghamton University programs. While abroad, all students participating in Binghamton University programs are registered for placeholder credits. Once the grades from the semester abroad have been received and processed in our office, they will be sent to Student Records and will become part of your Binghamton University transcript.

Other-SUNY Programs
Credits from other-SUNY education abroad programs are treated as transfer credit and students should work with their academic advising office to receive credit from another SUNY program. Although the course grades are not averaged into your Binghamton University GPA, a "Transcript Supplement" for your program will include the courses you took along with the credits and grades you received. This Transcript Supplement becomes a part of your permanent Binghamton University academic record and will be automatically included with your Binghamton University transcript every time it is issued. Graduate schools (including law schools and medical schools) and future employers can see the grades you earn on study abroad and may average them with your other grades. While abroad, all Binghamton University students participating in other-SUNY programs are registered for placeholder credits at Binghamton University. General credit toward your undergraduate Binghamton University degree is usually guaranteed on other-SUNY programs. Typically, you will receive the amount of credit for each course that is designated by the SUNY campus sponsoring the program.

SUNY Community College Programs
Special regulations apply to the administration of the community college programs. The rules for non-SUNY programs described in the section below apply to all programs sponsored by SUNY two-year and/or community colleges.

Non-SUNY Programs
All credit is viewed as transfer credit. You should be particularly careful to obtain pre-approval of the program from your school (Harpur, SOM, etc.) before you make a commitment to the program; credit is not automatically guaranteed for non-SUNY education abroad programs. Once accepted into the program, you are on a temporary "leave of absence" and must complete the Study Abroad: Non-SUNY Overseas Program application through the IEGI website. In the future, you will request transcripts from Binghamton University and from the program sponsor to represent completely all of your undergraduate work. Graduate schools (including law schools and medical schools) will look at the grades you earn from study abroad and may average them with your other grades. Typically, you will receive the amount of credit for each course that is designated by the U.S. campus sponsoring the program.

Academic departments determine major or minor credit, regardless of whether your program is offered by Binghamton University, another SUNY school, or a non-SUNY school.

If you are interested in pursuing major or minor credit abroad, IEGI can assist you in searching for programs that may offer courses in that academic discipline. Learn more on our Search Programs by Major or College and Education Abroad Course Equivalencies pages. Then, you should meet with the director of undergraduate studies in your major or minor department(s) and bring along course descriptions. Your academic department will determine whether or not major or minor credit can be granted. They may request that you bring back class syllabi or graded assignments following your program before awarding major or minor credit. The IEGI recommends that you identify and seek approval for alternate courses should your first selections be unavailable.

Binghamton University students on Binghamton University programs should use the Course Approval Form to record approvals for major and minor credit. Binghamton University students on other-SUNY or non-SUNY programs should work with their school advising office. If you change your schedule from the courses that were pre-approved, you can email your department advisor for instruction on how to modify the approvals. These emails can then be forwarded to so we have this information on hand when we process your transcript.

It is possible to fulfill General Education requirements on an education abroad program. If you are interested in pursuing general education credit while abroad, you should be in contact with an academic advisor for your school's advising office. If you are currently applying to a program and wish to request Gen Ed approval for any course(s) you plan to take while abroad, follow the instructions below based on which college you are matriculated with:

Harpur: Students participating in a Binghamton education abroad program complete this online request form. Students participating in an other-SUNY or non-SUNY program complete online request form. You will receive a response from Harpur Academic Advising once your request has been reviewed. Harpur students can review whether their courses may meet the Gen Ed requirements based on these guidelines: Harpur GenEd and Writing Guide.pdf

CCPA: Guidance for Human Development Majors and Guidance for Social Work Majors

Decker: Email your advisor with your course description/syllabus and they will provide a response. If you are not certain of your advisor's contact information, email

School of Management: Complete the online request form. You will receive a response from SOM Academic Advising once your request has been reviewed.

Watson: Print out and complete the Watson form "Petition to Complete Courses at Another Institution": Watson Course Petition.pdf. This should be submitted to Watson Academic Advising. You will receive a response from Watson Advising once your request has been reviewed.

Students who study abroad on Binghamton education abroad programs may choose to take one class on a pass/fail basis if it meets the following guidelines:

  • the class is not a requirement for their major or minor
  • the student has not exceeded the pass/fail limit allowed by Binghamton University
  • the pass/fail request must be submitted in writing (e.g. by email) to the IEGI by the mid-point of the semester at the host university (not at Binghamton University) or by a date specified by their IEGI Education Abroad Advisor.
  • non-Binghamton students are responsible for confirming with their home campus that the pass/fail grade will be accepted


IEGI endeavors to assist in providing reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. In order to begin the process of planning for such accommodation(s) during your time abroad, you must work with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). It is possible that your exact accommodations may not be available abroad. However, IEGI and your education abroad program will work with you and SSD to access the best available information.

It is helpful if you notify IEGI, your education abroad program, and SSD as early as possible in the process. This allows for advanced planning by the appropriate offices to potentially implement any accommodations. As you prepare for your education abroad program, early and consistent communication is key to having a successful experience.

Transfer students need to pay particular attention to the limits on the total number of transfer credits if they are considering other-SUNY or non-SUNY programs. Talk with your academic advisor about your plans to study abroad.

It is common for grades to take 2-4 months to arrive from your education abroad program. This timing can occur due to the different semester schedules of our partner universities abroad, the slower pace of international mail, any delinquencies or debts owed by the student to the foreign university or the home university, and the need to seek course approvals from faculty, schools and departments after the semester abroad.

Once your education abroad credit has been processed, you will be able to find the courses, credits, and grades at the top of your transcript under a “Study Abroad” section. The placeholder credit will remain under the term you were abroad.

All Binghamton University students studying abroad and all students participating on a Binghamton University program must complete a Program Evaluation. You will receive an email after your time abroad inviting you to complete the online evaluation form.

Binghamton University students who studied on other-SUNY or non-SUNY programs should contact the administrating campus or program provider with questions related to transcript timelines.