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Fact Sheet:
Minimum GPA: 2.5 Housing Options: Dormitory without Meal Plan, Home Stay, Program Arranges Flat/Apartment
Language of Study: English, Spanish Program Type: Direct Enrollment, Study Abroad
Student Type: Binghamton and SUNY Students Only Flight Arrangements: Self-Arranged Flight
Program Advisor: Callie Frost:
Program Description:

Liberal Arts & Social Sciences in Barcelona (CEA)


Academic Features
Student Life
Application Process
More Information

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CEA is a study abroad provider who Binghamton University has partnered with to provide Binghamton and SUNY students high-quality study abroad and internship opportunities in Barcelona, Spain. Students will be working with both a Binghamton education abroad advisor and CEA staff throughout the process (see Application Process below).
Experience the eccentric and enchanting city of Barcelona, Spain! Spain's second-largest city offers an ideal blend of historic and modern, combining Gothic charm with thriving immigrant cultures, Gaudí's quirky architecture with world-class dining and shopping. Whether you want to study business or liberal arts, immerse in Catalan culture or improve your Spanish skills, you'll find what you seek in this amazing city.


Barcelona, located on the Mediterranean sea in the very north of the Spanish coast, is one of the most cosmopolitan and economically active cities in Spain. It's the capital of Catalunya, a region of Northern Spain that has its own unique culture, traditions, and personality. With a population around 1.6 million people, Barcelona is one of the world's leading economic, trade fair, and cultural centers, and its influence in commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the world's major global cities.

At the core of the city lies the Gothic Quarter. Located between the Ramblas, a series of connected boulevards, going southeastward to the sea, and the Via Laietana, it is a close-packed maze of narrow streets punctuated by magnificent medieval buildings. Many great painters and artists worked in Barcelona at some time and their influence is still evident throughout the city. Two of which are Picasso and Miró who have museums dedicated to some of their more important works. There are dozens of other museums and art galleries dotted all around the city. Also, Barcelona feels a bit surreal – appropriate, since Salvador Dali spent time here and Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí designed several of the city’s buildings. With the rich history and culture, Barcelona is the perfect location for students studying the liberal arts and social sciences! 


Spring 2019: January 3 - April 13
Fall 2019: late August - mid December

Academic Features

Students study at the CEA Barcelona Center which is located on the Plaza Catalunya in the heart of the city. The CEA Barcelona Center offers courses in a range of subjects, taught in English and Spanish, making this program appropriate for all levels of Spanish language ability. Courses bring the diverse history, politics, culture, economics, and art of Spain to life, incorporating components that expose you to different elements of the city, from monuments and museums to businesses, local food markets, and government agencies. Learning takes place both in and out of the classroom, with instructors taking full advantage of Barcelona’s many notable sites and attractions. Courses are taught by Spanish and international faculty. The maximum class size is 15 students for language courses and 25 students for electives.


Students enroll in 1 core course and 3-4 elective courses per semester. Prior to departure, you will select your preferred courses and take an online language placement exam. You will be enrolled into courses based on their availability. Subject areas include:

Core Course
Cultural Studies
English Language & Literature
Political Science
Service Learning
Spanish Language & Literature 

Elective Courses 
Art History
Business (Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting)
Cultural Studies
Environmental Studies 
International Relations
Media Studies 
Political Science
Religious Studies
Service Learning
Spanish Language & Literature 
Studio Arts 

Core and elective courses meet for 45 contact hours/3 credits. You may also choose to enroll in the Global Career Development Seminar course, which meets for 15 contact hours/1 credit. Typically, core and elective courses meet twice per week, Monday-Thursday. Active learning components required by your courses may be scheduled for Fridays. Please note: Attendance in all classes is mandatory and monitored by each professor.

Full course listing, course descriptions, and syllabi can be found on CEA’s webpage. 

Each course is worth 3 credits. Students are required to take at least a full course load of 12 credits (4 courses), but can also enroll in 15 credits (5 courses) or 16 credits (5 courses + 1 credit career seminar). 

View the guide for Binghamton Spanish course equivalencies: 
CEA Barcelona_Binghamton Spanish Course Guide .pdf

Student Life

When in Barcelona, students choose between several housing options that allow them to live like a local. While CEA attempts to match students' preferences with the housing options, housing preference requests cannot be guaranteed. Apartments are the standard living option - other housing options are an additional fee. Housing options include:

Students enjoy city-living apartments as their standard housing option. A perfect fit for the do-it-yourself types who want to experience Barcelona as a local apartment-dweller, CEA's apartments scatter neighborhoods like Le Corts, Eixample, Sagrada Familia, Gracia and Poble Nou. Stroll past some of this city's most beautiful treasures daily, as you walk to and from your Spanish abode. Apartments are about 30-40 minutes by metro and walking to where students have class. Standard housing typically has 1-2 students per room and 4-7 students per apartment and includes a full kitchen. Meals are not included. More information about the apartments can be found here.


Homestays offer a unique opportunity to be immersed in the local culture and improve Spanish language skills. All homestays have been carefully selected to provide each student with an enriching experience in a welcoming environment. Host families can consist of two-parent household, retired, or single parents and are located all across the city in safe residential neighborhoods. Although homestay apartments vary in shape, size, décor and age, each one is considered suitable student accommodation. Homestays are about 30-40 minutes by metro and walking to where students have class. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included seven days a week.

Homestays have an additional fee of $1,400-$1,800 per semester. 
This fee will be paid directly to CEA. More information about homestays can be found here.

Residencias are off-campus accommodations that house approximately 300 students. Residents are typically a mixture of Spanish and other international students. Students will most often be placed in double rooms and less often in single rooms depending on availability. They will have access to a shared kitchen area. Each room, whether single or double will have a private bathroom. The dining and/or study area maybe private or communal. Residencias are typically 30 minutes walking from where students have class. Meals are not included. 

Residencia have an additional fee of $1,400-$1,800 per semester. 
This fee will be paid directly to CEA. More information about residencias cam be found here


Additional housing information can be found on CEA's Barcelona housing webpage

Students are typically offered three different excursions throughout the semester which are included as part of the program. Students will receive a calendar of excursions during orientation; past excursions have included a trip to Madrid, to Girona & Besalú, one of Spain's most prosperous and enticing cities, and an excursion to the northeastern edge of the Pyrenees known for its scenic landscape and for its nine tiny Romanesque churches. You can read more about the excursions here


Cultural Engagement
Immerse yourself in the local culture! CEA provides a variety of cultural activities including concerts, clubs, sports, cooking, and language exchanges. On-site staff helps students engage with local culture. Examples include attending a Barça Soccer Match, participating in a tapas cooking workshop, and learning more about Castells, human towers built in town squares by Castellers. 


Estimate of Costs

To learn about the program costs and related expenses, see the cost sheets linked below. Any Binghamton/SUNY student who is accepted to a CEA program that is approved by Binghamton University for a semester will automatically be granted a $1000 reduction in program cost! This reduction is already reflected in the cost sheet below. 

CEA Barcelona Costs Fall 2018.pdf
Please note: Housing costs are based off of the standard, shared apartment housing option. Additional fees are applicable for students choosing the non-standard housing options of homestays or residencias, and those fees would be paid directly to CEA. 

**Cost Comparison: Binghamton University estimates the average cost for a full time student one semester on campus to be $13,050 in-state and $20,590 out-of-state.  

Withdrawal Policy: When a student commits to an education abroad program in their Terra Dotta online program application, the Office of International Programs (IEGI) mirrors the Binghamton University Student Accounts refund policy for tuition, tuition differentials, and all program fees.

Financial Aid
Students who are eligible for financial aid may apply it to this program. The amount of financial aid that you may be eligible to receive is of an individual nature. All students should print out the Estimate of Costs Sheet, bring it to the Financial Aid office, and consult with a counselor there about what the implications of this cost would be for them individually. Federal and New York State financial aid is generally applicable to study abroad programs. The Binghamton Financial Aid Office is able to consider only the application of students matriculated at Binghamton for degree study.

Binghamton and SUNY Scholarships
Students applying for this program are highly encouraged to apply for the Marjorie B. Turnbull Spanish Language & Culture Scholarship as well as the Myers Family Scholarship if eligible. These provide awards of $1,500 for semester students. 

For more information about scholarships and financial aid in general, click here.

CEA Scholarships

Students participating on a CEA program in Barcelona are eligible for scholarships through CEA. There are several different scholarships available including merit-based, financial need-based, and diversity related. Students will have access to apply for these scholarships after submitting an application for this program and are encouraged to apply early. More information can be found here

Application Process

The Barcelona program is open to students in all majors, and students should be in their Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year during the time of the application. Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA. Applications from other SUNYs welcome. 

Applications for fall semester are due April 1 and spring semester are due September 15. Applying to this program requires completion of the Binghamton University education abroad application and supplemental documents for CEA.

Binghamton University

  • First, complete an application with Binghamton by clicking the “Apply Now” button at the top of this page. All application materials must be submitted by the Binghamton University application deadline. These items include:
    • 2 Academic References
    • Official Transcript
    • Study Statement
  • Do not begin an application with CEA directly.
  • Once your application is complete, Binghamton's Office of International Education & Global Initiatives (IEGI) will make an admissions decision. Students will commit to the program and IEGI will inform CEA about all committed students on a rolling basis.
  • After receiving a list of committed students from IEGI, CEA creates online accounts for each accepted student with access to housing, academic, visa, and other important information.
  • CEA emails students their login information so they can complete the required CEA forms through their CEA online account.
  • For better access to course and housing preferences, CEA encourages you complete the required information as early as possible.

More Information

CEA Barcelona Semester Program Website
CEA Scholarships
CEA Barcelona Facebook Page
U.S. Department of State Travel & Safety Information for Spain

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2019 09/15/2018 ** Rolling Admission 01/03/2019 04/13/2019

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.