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  • Locations: Beijing, China; Binghamton, United States
  • Program Terms: Dual Diploma Fall
  • Homepage: Click to visit
  • Restrictions: Binghamton applicants only
  • Dates / Deadlines
Fact Sheet:
Housing Options: Dormitory, Dormitory with Meal Plan, Dormitory without Meal Plan Language of Study: English
Program Type: Dual Diploma Program Advisor: Valerie Chou:
Program Description:

Dual Diploma Programs at Binghamton University

*This program is for incoming BISU 1+3 Program students ONLY. BISU 1+3 Program students already start their first year at Beijing International Studies University in China. If you are not a BISU 1+3 Program student, you are NOT ALLOWED to apply for this program. 

The academic program of the 1+3 Program will be implemented and administered in two phases.  During Phase I, BISU will select students as candidates for study at Binghamton University under the 1+3 Program, and these students will study at BISU to complete the first year bachelor's degree program in disciplines mutually agreed to by BISU and Binghamton University.  The qualified students as recommended by BISU and evaluated and accepted by Binghamton University will enter Phase II of the 1+3 program exclusively as a Binghamton University matriculated student.  If they are accepted to Binghamton University, their earned, pre-approved BISU credits will count as transfer credits toward the completion of the appropriate Binghamton University bachelor’s degree.  In Phase II the students will continue their studies in the chosen discipline at Binghamton University following the approved curricula.  It is important that participating students are aware that a Bachelor’s Degree at Binghamton University requires completion of a general education curriculum, requirements of the major, and a specific amount of specialized, upper level courses. Each successful student will receive a Bachelor's degree from BISU, and a Bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University. If you wish to learn more about Binghamton University, please visit:

Program Features
Student Life
Estimate of Costs
Application Process

Program Features

Study in two countries:  The dual-diploma program offers students a highly unique experience and prepares them for the increasingly global world. Students study in two different countries and upon completion of the degree, receive a diploma from each partner: a distinguished American university and a distinguished Chinese university.
English proficiency:  Students develop excellent language skills as they live and study on a campus in the United States.
Bi-cultural experience:  The programs allow students to experience two distinctively different cultures.  Upon completing the degree, students are well-prepared to work in a multi-cultural environment and to function effectively in an international arena.
High academic quality:  Most important, the programs are academically rigorous, as students must meet the academic requirements of both the Chinese university and the SUNY campus to complete the degree and to receive either diploma. 

Student Life

BISU 1+3 Program students are required to live on campus in their first year at Binghamton. For more information on on-campus housing, including the costs, please visit (Costs of Meal Plans are also included on the weblink.) If living on campus, most international students choose to stay in the "Break Housing." Break housing refers to halls that remain open during all break times in the academic year when traditional halls close. It is a desirable option for international students, students planning to take classes during winter session, athletes who have events during break, and any student who lives too far to travel for a 4-day closing (e.g. Thanksgiving). New students must indicate this request when they submit their housing preference form. Please note that space in break housing is extremely limited and we may be unable to accommodate all requests for this option.

Our 160 amazingly diverse student clubs and organizations are the engine of student life at Binghamton. They sponsor international cultural events and concerts, publish campus newspapers and magazines, offer countless volunteer opportunities and organize tons of free movies, open-mic nights and campus-wide talent shows. If you think there’s lots to do for class, wait until you see what else campus has to offer. Find out more about student life:

Nestled at the junction of the Susquehanna and Chenango rivers, the Greater Binghamton region, near the Pennsylvania border and home to a quarter million people, is rich in scenic beauty. It's a safe, friendly and affordable community that offers countless outdoor recreational and cultural opportunities, along with coffee houses, concerts, restaurants and shopping malls. While enjoying the comfort and ease of living in a cozy town, you will also appreciate the easy access to New York City and other major metropolitan areas. Information on how to travel from Binghamton to other U.S. cities:

Estimate of Costs

2018-2019 Estimate of Costs at Binghamton University
Tuition $21,550 USD
Fees $4,778 USD
Room $9,688 USD
Board $4,786 USD
Books $1,298 USD
Total $42,100 USD
(as of November 2017, subject to change.

The estimate doesn't include international health insurance,  travel, personal expenses, entertainment, and special purchases. The amount students should budget for personal expenses and travel is a personal decision and varies significantly from student to student.

Application Process

Apply online from this website. The application consists of an Admission Form (Questionnaire), a Financial Statement, a Bank Statement certifying sufficient funds of 42,100 USD, scholarship letter (issued by BISU), Code of Conduct Acknowledgement, Official copy of TOEFL/IELTS test report, and High School Transcript.

Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Dual Diploma Fall 2018 06/30/2018 07/02/2018 08/16/2018 05/17/2019