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National and External Scholarships


National Scholarships for Study Abroad

There are a large number of funding opportunities provided by institutions and endowments outside of Binghamton University, and we encourage students to apply for any opportunities for which they qualify. The ones listed below are programs that Binghamton students have typically been very successful with obtaining funding, and advising is provided within our office. 

These scholarships also require verification from our office and/or other campus offices; please review the scholarship deadlines and contact the scholarship advisor for the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives at to schedule an advising appointment at least one month before the posted deadlines. *Boren applicants should schedule a December appointment.

Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship 

The Gilman Scholarship aims to support U.S. citizens enrolled as an undergraduate receiving a Pell Grant in their financial aid package. The award guidelines are intended to assist students with high financial need who traditionally have been underrepresented in education abroad (for example: underrepresented fields such as the sciences and engineering; students with diverse ethnic backgrounds: and students of nontraditional age). Semester and summer awards may be up to $5,000; and additional $3000 may be granted for applicants pursuing studies in critical needs languages. There are two application cycles per year, and the application deadline depends on when one plans to study abroad. Certification is required from the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives and the Financial Aid office. For application information and tips, please click here.

Deadlines: (Please read the bolded text above!!!)
Spring programs - October 1st
Summer/Fall/Academic Year programs -  around March 1st

Boren Scholarship for International Study

The Boren Scholarship is very competitive national program available to undergraduate U.S. citizens. Applicants should plan to participate in a language-intensive program in a location that is considered relevant to current U.S. national security interests; programs in Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand are ineligible. A full list of eligible countries and languages are on the scholarship's website. Recipients are expected to work in a government position relevant to National Security within 3 years of graduation. Semester awards may be up to $10,000. Academic year awards may be up to $20,000. Summer STEM program recipients may receive up to $8000. There is one application deadline per year, early in the spring semester. Due to the intensity of the application process, it is recommended that applicants meet with the IEGI scholarship advisor no later than December. The Binghamton University internal deadline for the scholarship is typically two weeks prior to the Boren deadline to ensure appropriate processing time. For more information on the Boren Scholarship, please click here

Campus Deadline: January 24th

Freeman-ASIA Scholarship

Freeman-ASIA (Freeman Awards for Study in Asia) is designed to support American undergraduates with demonstrated financial need who are planning to study overseas in East or Southeast Asia. The program’s goal is to increase the number of Americans with first-hand exposure to and understanding of Asia and its peoples and cultures. Award recipients are required to share their experiences with their home campuses or communities to encourage study abroad by others and fulfill the program's goal of increasing understanding of Asia in the United States. For more information, please visit the Freeman-ASIA Scholarship website.

Other Scholarships

We encourage you to make use of the database created by the Binghamton University Office of External Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards to search specifically for study abroad scholarships.

Below you will find a list of websites/webpages where you can research additional scholarship opportunities. Please note: These scholarships are not administered by or associated with Binghamton University.

Fund for Education Abroad - Deadline January 10, 2018 (for summer/fall 2018 and academic year 2018-2019)


Diversity Abroad including the Diversity Network Summer Scholarship and the Overseas Ambassador Program
Generation Study Abroad
GoEuro Study Abroad Scholarship 2017 Video Contest
Support Collectors Scholarship